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Heated Gloves | Alberta | Canada | USA MotionHeat Heated Vest MotionPack 2 Battery and Charger Combo
MOTIONHeat - Complete Set
Our Price: $219.95
MotionHeat Heated Vest
Our Price: $155.00
MOTIONHeat Heated Glove liners

Heated Vest

  • One size fits all
  • Supports upto four batteries for extended runtime
  • Designed to support our upcoming heated socks

MOTIONHeat Heated Glove liners
MOTIONHeat - Heated Glove Liners MOTIONHeat - Additional Battery MOTIONHeat - 4 Battery Fast Charger
MOTIONHeat Heated Glove liners MOTIONHeat Heated Glove liners This charger will charge upto 4 batteries at a time. Charging time is reduced when charging two batteries!
MotionHeat USB Adapter Automotive Charger for MotionHeat Batteries MOTIONHeat - Stickman Wireframe
MotionHeat USB Adapter
Our Price: $22.00
Use this adapter to charge you cell phone or other usb accessories from your MotionHeat batteries. This product allows you to charge your glove batteries from the
cigarette lighter plug in your automobile. ADAPTER TO RUN GLOVES SOLD
MOTIONHeat Heated Glove liners
MOTIONHeat - Additional Charger Eyelet Adapter for direct battery connection SAE (trailer) adapter for motorcycle
MOTIONHeat Heated Glove liners Use this adapter to connect your gloves directly to the battery of your motorcycle/atv. Adapter to run heated gloves from SAE trailer connector.
RCA Heated Visor Adapter (Snowmobile) 12v Outlet Adapter for MotionHeat Batteries Milwaukee Heated Jacket Battery Adapter
This adapter is designed for snowmobiles with an outlet for a heated
visor. The cable includes a passthough so the visor and gloves can be
used simultaneously.
This adapter provides a 12v outlet for powering small accessories from your MotionHeat batteries. Use this adapter to run your Milwaukee M12 Heated Jacket with a MotionHeat battery. This adapter can be used on the male plug of the stickman to connect to your Milwaukee jacket when you have both batteries connected.

If wish to run your MotionHeat gloves with the Milwaukee battery, simply connect the male end to the battery and one of the female ends to the jacket.